Escravatura continua enraizada nas sociedades contemporâneas

Dezembro 8, 2008

Slavery may have been legally abolished around the world, but it remains a widespread and deeply rooted component on contemporary life” – conclui o relatório da UNESCO, com o título “Unfinished Business” publicado no dia 5 de Dezembro.

The publication is divided into five chapters: defining slavery in all its forms; presenting data on the scale of slavery, slave trading and other forms of human bondage; examining differences and similarities between historical and contemporary practices; identifying, via case studies in the United States, Saint Domingue/Haiti, Great Britain and Portugal, the main paths through which abolition of slavery has historically occurred; and, through a further series of case studies, exploring the key limitations of the legal abolition of slavery.

The conclusion outlines a series of general strategies and recommendations for addressing contemporary problems, based around education, information and awareness, further legal reform, effective enforcement, and release, rehabilitation and restitution.” (do site da UNESCO)

O relatório completo pode ser lido aqui.


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