Top-of-mid activists in Human Rights. An exercise

Março 16, 2011

Out of an exercise between friends in trying to identify top-of-mind activists from different areas, we got to human rights. This might not be an anthropological post per se, but maybe some will be inspired change its perspective if interested in searching for more depth.

My list of activists was surprising to me also since it involves people to whom I wouldn´t have thought in a different context.

Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. When becoming a man of politics in Medina, he spoke about equality between women and men, he granted the right for divorce to women and fought for protection of their inheritance right.

A very good documentary can be watched here. (http://www.watch-documentaries-online.com/you-are-watching-muhammad-legacy-of-a-prophet)

Martin Luther King for fighting for the civil rights of Afro-Americans in USA.

Gandhi for preaching non-violence, for his dangerous work as a lawyer in South Africa and demanding rights for the Indian community living there, for fighting discrimination in India and for the Non-cooperation movement he lead in India against the British rule, again throughout non-violent movements.

Liu Xiaobo whose story became known to the entire world after winning the Nobel Prize in 2010, while still being imprisoned by the Chinese authorities.

Harvey Milk who fought for gay rights in America, starting with California and inspiring the other states. Many of us have first heard his story by watching the movie Milk.

If this hadn´t have been an exercise, maybe my list would have only included personalities who won Nobel Prizes, who made a change throughout mass media or who make a change by implementing human rights strategies throughout non-governmental organizations.



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